Anvil From Ultima Online What We're Working On

40% Bioengineering Phase 2

Now that bioengineering is released, we are working on a new ability system that allows you to purchase some interesting passive abilities for your created pets!

80%Hell Gate

Hell Gates will open up in random graveyards in this twice per week event!


A system that will really spice up our maps, you never know what you might get into while out adventuring!

20%Fishing Updates

We're reworking the SOS and fishing systems to include things like special bait and poles, with new consumables and more!

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Eclipse is a free Ultima Online shard that offers a unique gaming experience to players. The shard features a combination of classic Ultima Online gameplay with modern improvements and custom content. Eclipse offers a friendly and active community, dedicated staff, and a constantly evolving game world. With its focus on player interaction and cooperation, Eclipse is a great choice for fans of the Ultima Online franchise or anyone looking for a new online gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Ultima Online, Eclipse is a shard you won't want to miss!

At Eclipse, players can expect a rich and immersive world filled with exciting adventures, challenging battles, and intriguing stories. The shard boasts a vast array of customizable characters, including multiple races and classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Whether you prefer to explore the world on your own or join forces with other players to conquer dungeons and defeat fearsome enemies, the choices are yours to make.

UO Eclipse Free Shard Updates Shard Updates


We've addressed a bug with vendor price scaling. Prices will no longer scale based on sales, as it leads to a gold exploit. May the 4th be with you.


Our new event, Heavy Harvest has been implemented today. Gather the most of the requested resource in the given time to take home a nice care package!


Taming Orders are live! Single click an animal trainer and click "Talk" to receive an order. There are many prizes to earn, such as gold, rough stones, relics, epics, powerscrolls and more!


We've cleaned up a lot of the Bioengineering System and have more coming on the way with our new Taming Orders system!


Tonight, we brought in our new Epic drop system, along with a new Rough Stone raffle!

See all updates on our wiki.

Your First Character

  • Eclipse Ethereal Mount With 9 Body Types ([ethybody)
  • All Skills GM
  • 100 Each Stat
  • Personal Bless Deed
  • Account Runebook ([runebook)
  • Full Spellbooks
  • Starter LRC Suit
  • Drop No Items On Death +2 Days
  • Automatic Resurrection +2 Days

Free House Placement

We offer keep and castle sized custom plots that you can design as you see fit, utilizing every item id in the game via our [landscaping system! Place a house of any size, anywhere you can find room - 100% free.

Bring Your Guild

Bring your guild to Eclipse, and we'll place each member a private/special spot at no cost!

Some More of Our Features

Ultima Eclipse is a family-run shard, and we don't hire outside help. We developed our Ultima Online PvM shard for over 7 years before even opening up for beta.

  • Full Time of Legends Support
  • Weekly PvM Ranking
  • Global Drops
  • Relics
  • Unearthed Artifacts
  • Recovered Artifacts
  • Daily Tasks
  • Achievements
  • Player Perks
  • Weapon Perks
  • Pet Perks
  • Home Landscaping Built Into House Menu
  • Designable Player Cities
  • Auto Looting
  • Account Runebook System - [runebook
  • Storage Keys (tons of new ones too)
  • Instanced Areas
  • Rune Crafting
  • Crystals of Enhancement
  • Gametime Rewards
  • Custom Effects
  • Dungeon Overlords
  • Dungeon Demigods
  • Champion Avengers
  • Custom Champion Spawns
  • Gold Shop (The Fence)
  • Gameplay Point Shop
  • Daily Point Shop
  • Referral Rewards Shop
  • Hundreds of Custom Quests
  • Castle and Keep Size Custom Plots
  • Skill Stacking
  • Party Matchmaking
  • Hue Center
  • Town Invasions
  • Monster Bashes
  • Gold Raffle
  • Resource Order Deeds (RoDs)
  • Hundreds of Custom Addons
  • Pet Shrinking
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • Slot Machines
  • Instanced Real Estate
  • Dungeon Stealing
  • Custom Spell Systems
  • Auction House
  • For Sale System
  • Completely Revamped Treasure Chests
  • Unique, Limited Rares
  • Tons of Custom Pets
  • Multi-Plot Custom Housing
  • Global Chat w/ Private Messaging
  • Discord Integration
  • Loads of Convenient Custom Commands
  • High Skill Level Ability Unlocks
  • Customizable Cosmetic Player Animations
  • Handouts Every Four Hours
  • AFK Gathering ALLOWED
  • So, so much more...