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Anvil From Ultima Online What We're Working On

95%PvM Games

We've begun work on an event system that runs all day every day, and will consist of instanced and non-innstanced events that will always have something different.

90% Bioengineering

Create powerful pets through the study of creatures throughout your adventures. This system yields the strongest pets in the lands, but it comes with hard work and dedication.

70%Desolate Ilshenar

While players get their hard on in Desolate Trammel (get it?), we're getting ready to blast up some Ilshenar with something difficult and fresh!

Game Launcher

Unzip Package - Open As Admin - Let It Update - Log In

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Customize Your Pets

Change your pet's AI type, stats, skills, weapon ability, special ability, body and mounted body with our all new Pet Workshop! Pet Workshop

UO Eclipse Free Shard Updates Shard Updates


A large number of updates went in today! See the full list here.


Our new Champ Bash event releases tomorrow! This event will run every six hours, and you can find more info on it on our wiki.


All house placements are now free! Also, check out our new [PetWorkshop - tons of pet mods now available!

See all updates on our wiki.

Your First Character

  • Eclipse Ethereal Mount With 9 Body Types ([ethybody)
  • All Skills GM
  • 100 Each Stat
  • Personal Bless Deed
  • Account Runebook ([runebook)
  • Full Spellbooks
  • Starter LRC Suit
  • Drop No Items On Death +2 Days
  • Automatic Resurrection +2 Days

Bring Your Guild

Bring your guild to Eclipse, and we'll make sure the move is easy.
Hit us up on Discord and let us know how many you're expecting, and what you'll be needing to call us your new home!

Invite Your Friends - Earn Big!

You'll receive a 20% bonus from any donation made by a player that marks you as their referrer when starting on Eclipse. For the lifetime of the account!

Bring Your Guild And Get Rewarded

Some More of Our Features

Ultima Eclipse is a family-run shard, and we don't hire outside help. We developed our Ultima Online PvM shard for over 7 years before even opening up for beta.

  • Full Time of Legends Support
  • Weekly PvM Ranking
  • Global Drops
  • Relics
  • Unearthed Artifacts
  • Recovered Artifacts
  • Daily Tasks
  • Achievements
  • Player Perks
  • Weapon Perks
  • Pet Perks
  • Home Landscaping Built Into House Menu
  • Designable Player Cities
  • Auto Looting
  • Account Runebook System - [runebook
  • Storage Keys (tons of new ones too)
  • Instanced Areas
  • Rune Crafting
  • Crystals of Enhancement
  • Gametime Rewards
  • Custom Effects
  • Dungeon Overlords
  • Dungeon Demigods
  • Champion Avengers
  • Custom Champion Spawns
  • Gold Shop (The Fence)
  • Gameplay Point Shop
  • Daily Point Shop
  • Referral Rewards Shop
  • Hundreds of Custom Quests
  • Castle and Keep Size Custom Plots
  • Skill Stacking
  • Party Matchmaking
  • Hue Center
  • Town Invasions
  • Monster Bashes
  • Gold Raffle
  • Resource Order Deeds (RoDs)
  • Hundreds of Custom Addons
  • Pet Shrinking
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • Slot Machines
  • Instanced Real Estate
  • Dungeon Stealing
  • Custom Spell Systems
  • Auction House
  • For Sale System
  • Completely Revamped Treasure Chests
  • Unique, Limited Rares
  • Tons of Custom Pets
  • Multi-Plot Custom Housing
  • Global Chat w/ Private Messaging
  • Discord Integration
  • Loads of Convenient Custom Commands
  • High Skill Level Ability Unlocks
  • Customizable Cosmetic Player Animations
  • Handouts Every Four Hours
  • AFK Gathering ALLOWED
  • So, so much more...