Donations go towards server maintenance and advertising, which in turn helps us grow a larger playerbase while maintaining a good connection speed. Eclipse is a 100% free server to play on, but we do offer rewards for those whom help us with these costs.

You can see the available gifts by saying [donationshop while in-game. There are many to choose from! These gifts are purchasable with the Eclipse Scrolls offered on this page.

The donation process on Eclipse is 100% automatic. Just say [claimdonation after you donation is processed. You can claim your gift from any location in the game and your coins will be placed into your bank box.

When a player marks you as their referrer when they start Eclipse, you get a 20% bonus payout of any Eclipse Scrolls they claim for the lifetime of the account. If you can't donate funds to the server, you can still earn big by helping our shard grow!

These are donations and not to be confused with sales. No staff team member will ever ask for a donation, these are made by players on their own free will. Donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please make sure to put your game account name, and not your character name. You can then claim your donation on any character on the account.

50 Eclipse Scrolls

$5.00 USD

100 Eclipse Scrolls

$10.00 USD

500 Eclipse Scrolls

$50.00 USD +100 Bonus - 600 Total

1,000 Eclipse Scrolls

$100.00 USD +200 Bonus - 1,200 Total

2,000 Eclipse Scrolls

$200.00 USD +500 Bonus - 2,500 Total

5,000 Eclipse Scrolls

$500.00 USD +1,000 Bonus - 6,000 Total

10,000 Eclipse Scrolls

$1,000.00 USD +10,000 Bonus - 20,000 Total!